A few weeks ago, I laid down a gauntlet for Comrade Chris Korzen, president of the liberation theology, “seamless garment” liberal group “Catholics United,” about his group’s support for pro-contraception, pro-abortion former Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, inspite of her obvious personal use of contraception and public support thereof. I posted comments here and e-mailed them to Korzen directly.

Korzen has yet to respond.

However, someone named James has kindly posted a response to my comment below, and has insisted that Catholics United’s “non-partisanship” is indicated by their endorsement of both pro-choice “Catholic” Michael Steele as GOP chairman and of pro-choice “Catholic” Tim Kaine as DNC chairman. Despite an attempted “clarification,” Steele, by his political choices and statements, has made it clear that he shares the “pro-choice” position of Antonin Scalia and Ron Paul: that Natural Law does not hold superiority over civil law, and that the “question” of abortion should be left up to the States.

I *do* think that the obligation of making abortion illegal should be managed at the state, rather than federal, level, but it is not a “question” for the states to “decide”; it is a principle of Natural Law that the states are obligated to outlaw.

In any case, it shocks me to learn that Time Kaine has gotten so far in politics. It is amazing how far Demonocrats from both Virginia and South Carolina get in national politics. Republicans like George Allen and Mark Sanford get their names batted around a lot, but never get the appointments or win the national offices. But the Democrats seem to go far.

When Kaine first ran for governor in 2005, he ran against Jerry Kilgore, a true pro-family, subsidiarist politician who had been attorney general. When Kilgore originally became attorney general, he established very family friendly policies at his office, including allowing nursing moms to bring their babies to the office and allowing parents to bring their kids to the office in emergencies. He lost some support from pro-lifers due to ambiguous comments on abortion and extremist comments on the death penalty.

Meanwhile, one of Kaine’s first actions as governor, discussed previously on this blog but given little attention in the “Catholic” blogsphere, was pardoning Virginia’s only convicted witch, a woman who was convicted of witchcraft for ending women’s pregnancies and causing women to be sterile–two of the offenses which, biblically, were the real basis of “witchcraft” (potion-making). Many Catholic and radical feminist researchers have made this connection between “witches” being the predecessors of Planned Parenthood.

Among his other “Catholic” actions was mandating the HPV Vaccine, a vaccine which encourages fornication.

He refused to sign a defense of marriage act, saying he “personally believes” in traditional marriage.

Can anyone name something Kaine has done that actually exemplifies Catholic values?

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