Inside Catholic or Inside Republican?

A few days ago, Brian Saint-Paul posted a graphic illustrating $1 trillion in $100 bills, compared to the size of man.

Today, frequent commentor “Deacon Ed,” posted:

And To Just Think….March 24th, 2009 5:11am
that if we were still on the gold standard, it would have made all this impossible. What I am looking for are any legitimate suggestions about how to salvage what’s left of our savings – especially in light of the fact that hyperinflation is right around the corner and our dollar will be worth less and less.

I expressed dismay that, on a Catholic website, people are so upset about money, and I included several quotations from the Gospels about *not* worrying about money, and *not* saving/investing.
My post initially went up, but was later deleted.

Liberal sites like Vox Nova claim that “Inside Catholic” is more Republican than Catholic, that just as much as “Catholics United” is merely a front for Obama, Inside Catholic is merely a front for the Republicans.

Doing things like this kind of lends to that impression, does it not?

2 responses to “Inside Catholic or Inside Republican?

  1. Catholics United is and always have been Catholic first and foremost. We are seamless garment pro-life organization of Catholics who resist efforts to distort the Catholic faith for a partisan agenda. Case in point- note our words of encouragement for Michael Steele on his selection to the RNC chair. Where was ‘Inside Catholic’ when Tim Kaine was named DNC chair?

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Tim Kaine is DNC Chair?? I missed that!
    Radical pro-abortion, pro-witchcraft “Catholic” Tim Kaine???
    Whose first act as VA governor was “pardoning” Virginia’s only convicted witch: and, if you look at her record, she was convicted of providing women with abortifacients and contraceptives, which is, biblically speaking, witchcraft.

    The late great Fr. Paul Marx, OSB said that Joseph “Cardinal” Bernardin’s “seamless garment” was the worst defeat in the history of the pro-life movement.

    I see nothing in Catholics United’s policies that indicates it opposes legalized contraception.

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