Kings: Good TV

Apparently, NBC first announced the new series Kings over a year ago. They’re very supportive of this drama, but, unfortunately, its premiere didn’t do very well (ranked last in last week’s ratings).

But the show is really good. It’s basically “VeggieTales” for adults.

“Hi, I’m Bob the Tomato!”
“And I’m Larry the Cucumber–“
“And we’re here to answer your questions!”
“We’ve got a letter here from Lt. Vincent Falcone of Fayetteville, NC. Lt. Maynard is presently stationed in Iraq, and he has a question:
‘Dear Bob and Larry,
Recently, a unit in my division was captured by terrorists in an ambush. We were given orders not to rescue them, but I really don’t want to see them suffer. What should I do?'”
Larry says, “That’s funny, Bob, because *I* have a letter from Sgt. Conrad Hauser of St. Louis, MO, and he has a question, too!
‘Dear Bob and Larry,

I’ve won so many military awards that the Army wants to promote me to officer and give me a desk job in DC. I’d rather stay at the front of the action. What should I do?'”

Bob: “I think we have a story that might answer *both* those questions! . . . Uh, Moms and Dads, you may want to consider having your younger kids go watch Dave and the Giant Pickle in another room. This story’s probably gonna be a little violent. . . .”

Actually, for a soap opera based upon the Old Testament, it’s fairly clean-cut. In the pilot, “Goliath,” there’s some violence and gore. Maybe some foul language (I honestly don’t remember). But other than suggestive dialogue, the only sexual content was some ladies in skimpy dresses and a *very* brief scene of David french kissing Michelle (aka Michal).

God is mentioned frequently, both in the genuine sense and in the “hypocritical politician” sense. Rev. Samuels (guess who that is) is a very intriguing character. The King (named Silas, not Saul) is an appealing tragic villain: power-wielding and compromised but not evil.

It’s a promising series. Sadly, NBC has announced that it’s only running the 13 episodes that have been produced, as a “mini-series.”

You know, people complain about “nothing good on TV.” They complain, complain, complain. Then a network creates a family friendly, religious oriented show. And it puts a lot of momentum behind it, hoping to draw those religious viewers who are always complaining.

Then, guess what? That show tanks, because the complainers don’t watch, anyway, and the non-religious people won’t tune in.


2 responses to “Kings: Good TV

  1. I saw a couple commercials for this show, and I had no idea it was based on the Old Testament. It just wasn’t promoted that way. Perhaps if the network had advertised it properly, more folks would have tuned in.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Good point. I just happened to see an ad for the show, and was intrigued by the ad itself. I looked the show up online and found out its premise.

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