This article is hilarious

It’s one of those “abstinence education doesn’t work” bits.

I would agree: teaching “abstinence only” doesn’t work. Problem is, you can’t teach “values” in public schools, and, even if you can, it’s “values” detached from morals, which are in turn detached from metaphysics, which in turn is detached from theology, so the “values” are, ultimately, meaningless.

*Chastity* education works very well.

But what’s hilarious is this comment Dr. Mitzi Kalin, a psychologist:

Kalin, who is the mother of two young children, compares it to her 2-year-old son trying to play with the light socket. Just telling him no doesn’t work.
“You have to help them see how sex can impact their lives and keep them from achieving their goals,” she says. “It’s an ongoing process.”

So, is Dr. Kalin suggesting that we put rubber gloves on our two year olds and say, “it’s OK to stick your fingers in the socket if you wear protective gear”?

The way to keep a two year old from sticking his fingers in a socket is by teaching him when he’s one not to do it. You put protective covers in the outlets. You keep him confined to an area where he can’t get to the outlets. You tell him he’ll electrocute himself and die if he touches it. You swat his bottom or his hand if he goes to touch it.

Kalin’s example is self-defeating. Because “sex education” is like giving the toddler a rubber glove and saying, “Go for it.” Instead, you teach the teenagers the psychological and physiological consequences of premarital intercourse. You teach them respect for themselves, for their elders and for their peers. You keep them supervised.

Teach them NFP and that both men and women have high libidos when the woman is fertile. If your daughter wants to go out on a “date,” you ask to see her charts first, and don’t let her go out on a date till 3 days after Peak.

According to Lori Lamerand, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood in Mid and South Michigan, study after study shows that abstinence-only education is mostly a failure. The only thing that really works to prevent teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is comprehensive sex education and access to contraceptives, she says.

Gets back to the question of what we’re trying to *prevent.* Conservatives want to prevent *fornication*. Planned Parenthoood wants to prevent reproduction.


2 responses to “This article is hilarious

  1. To Whom it May Concern:

    I appreciate your interest in my comment regarding abstinence. However, I’m afraid my comment was misunderstood: I agree with and support abstinence education. I do feel, however, it has yet to be done right. The analogy to my darling two-year-old son is this: Like the light socket education, I plan to walk with him through his emotional education when it comes to sex. He will know that abstinence is the best, healthiest, and safest choice. And, as I treat his “light socket” education, this value will come by myself and and his father guiding him through this specific education over time. My point was that as parents we cannot have one conversation with our children and expect that to be sufficient for them to resist a natural impulse. The value of abstinence is taught over time. We need to rethink our education of abstinence, given the facts and statistics of kids and sex today. Something isn’t working – and it’s the education, not the practice, of abstinence, that’s lacking.

    I hope this helps, and I much apologize for the misunderstanding of my comment.

    Mitzi Kalin, PsyD

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Hi, Mitzi,

    I appreciate your responding! 🙂

    Reporters are well known (or ought to be) for horrendously misquoting people. But the way the quotation was presented in the article really did sound silly.

    I totally agree with the extended analogy you present here.

    In fact, that’s one of my questions when people discuss “abstinence” education–as I believe I allude to in the post above–is whether “abstinence education” is the same as “chastity education” (e.g., what they do at Family Honor, linked to the right).

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