Traditional Latin Mass Readings: Third Sunday of Lent

Before I proceed to this week’s readings. . . . Weird. I actually made it to Mass this week, but only after spending most of Saturday and Sunday in bed.
Mary said, “This is what happens: You feel good, and then I feel worn down from taking care of the kids all day.” Anyway, we went to Mass, had one of our best “family” mass experiences in a while, and got to go to Communion. I was having chest pain the whole time, but that’s why I have my power chair.

Anyway, normally, when I go to Mass, and make it through the whole thing, and I am having chest pain, I go to Communion, and my chest pain goes away for a while. If I’m in a spiritual crisis, and not sure if I should go to Communion, one of two things happens: 1) I get some kind of consolation experience after Communion–occasionally an ecstasy–and I know I’m OK with God; b) I have horrible pain, and a bad taste in my mouth, and I know I need to go to Confession.

So, tonight. . . . Tuesday, I went to Confession and received Anointing. Wednesday, I went to the Fr. Groeschel talk. Thursday, I went to Mass with Fr. Groeschel and did 2 hours at Adoration. I haven’t been very good with my daily prayers, but I haven’t committed even any mildly serious venial sins that I’m aware of.

So, tonight, I went to Confession, and, after Confession, my chest pain got worse. Go figure.

Anyway, here are the traditional readings for Today:

Epistle is Ephesians 5:1-9. No fornicating, unclean or covetous person can inherit the kingdom, because all these things constitute serving idols.

Gospel is Luke 11:14-28. Starts with the driving out of a devil in a mute. The demon was cast out, the dumb man spoke, and the people said Jesus cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub.
Jesus says the whole “house divided against itself. . .” thing. Some of these proverbs of Jesus are kind of interesting in this way. Obviously, Satan’s house cannot stand, and Jesus is partly saying that Satan’s house *is* divided against itself. However, He points out that demons will team up with each other if it means possessing a soul.
The last part of this reading, as excerpted, is the woman who calls out “blessed is the womb that bore you,” to which Jesus recalled “Rather, blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.”

Of course, He is not criticizing the woman’s commendation of His Mother but her criteria. After all, in Luke 1:45, Elizabeth says, “Blessed are you who believed 15 that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled”
Luke 2:19 says, “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart. ” Again, Luke 2:51: “and his mother kept all these things in her heart. ”
So, Mary *is* the one who hears the word of God and keeps it.

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