What exactly is the Age of Aquarius?

The idea of the “Age of Aquarius”–that the vernal equinox is passing from Pisces (the fish) into Aquarius after 2000 years–is the basis of the New Age Movement. The “Christian Age” is passing, and the “New Age” is beginning.

Then there’s the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing, and the whole, “We’ll have to redo the calendar to start counting years from Obama” thing.

So I wanted to double check some of the symbolism in all this. Jesus, after all, warns us to read the signs of the times.

Anyway, Aquarius is the “Water Bearer.” It is associated iwth Ganymede, the Cup-Bearer to the Gods, a prince of Troy with whom Zeus, in the form of an eagle, had a homosexual fling and promoted to the rank of divine cup-bearer to keep him handy.

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