Liberals fume over Brazil Excommunications

And Brazil’s socialist government criticizes the Church, big deal.

A couple days ago, I watched a rerun of a first season episode of House involving a death row inmate. Cameron, arguing against the death penalty–and shocked that Foreman supports it–says how many more black people are executed then whites, saying it’s a racial thing. He says, “That just means we need to kill more white people.”

They are mad that the mother and abortionist have been excommunicated for aborting the nine-year-old’s unborn babies, but that the abusive stepfather who fathered the children was not punished by the Church.

OK, I’d agree. I think that child molestors should be subject to the death penalty, and to the penalty of excommunication in the Church. But the liberals want to say that child molestation is a worse crime than abortion.

Uh, in one case, a baby (or two, as apparently in this case) is dead.
In other case, a young child is seriously scarred for life but can undergo counseling.

Feminazis are also calling on the Church to pay for the girl’s counseling, and trying to tie this into priest sex abuse–like it’s the Church’s fault her step father abused her!

Come on! First, there’s the whole step-parent issue. Now, media are notoriously inaccurate. Maybe he adopted her. But there is, *in general*, a serious disjoint between steps and children. There are exceptions. One of my best friends is a very loving step father, legally speaking, though father for all intents and purposes. His wife was date-raped years before he met her. For him to legally adopt her daughter would require contacting the biological father for permission. That’s one thing.

But I have to wonder about what the circumstances are under which this fellow was the “step” parent. Was it divorce and remarriage? In that case, both the mother and stepfather should have been excommunicated, anyway. Was it an out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Then that says something about the mother’s judgement.

(Again, rape or date rape would be a separate situation, and given the mother’s obvious proclivities, wouldn’t she have just had an abortion?)

Then the fact that the mother married this loser to begin with.

The feminists are trying to make this woman out to be an innocent victim, and it just doesn’t wash. And if it’s just going to be “the family”, and kept all anonymous, then nobody should be making snap judgements.

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