Can he send him to the US?

Sadly, Pope Benedict XVI has withdrawn the episcopal appointment of Fr. Gerhard Maria Wagner. I guess we shouldn’t be expecting any promotions of Fr. Groeschel or Fr. Corapi (not that either one’s health would permit it).

Actually, what’s interesting is that the New York Times article indicates that Fr. Wagner himself requested it, pointing to the humility of this priest who has already proven himself to have prophetic zeal.

There was a time when it was considered OK for a bishop to be a prophet. We all know St. Martin of Tours for the famous story of giving a pauper half his official cloak when he was a Roman soldier. I was always under the impression he was a martyr. Actually, he was a priest and bishop for quite some time after leaving the Legions, and one of his claims to fame as a bishop was burning down pagan temples.

That wouldn’t go over well today. Today, you merely suggest that hurricanes are punishments from God, and you’re roundly mocked as a kook.

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