This week’s Divine Office

OK, maybe this would be best on Fridays?

Anyway, this week is technically the First Week of Lent. In your Four Week Psalter, use Week 1. Psalms and antiphons come from the Psalter, but, unlike Ordinary Time, you get the readings, responsory and Gospel canticle from the Proper of Seasons (Lent).

There are so many editions that page numbers can be confusing. But if you’re in the four-volume version,
First Sunday of Lent (Evening Prayer 1, Saturday night), starts on page 82.
Monday starts on 94. Tuesday, 102. Wednesday, 111. Thursday, 120. Friday, 129. Saturday, 137.
Psalter Week I starts on page 1075 and runs through 1206.

There are two special days this week on the General Calendar.

March 4 is the commemoration of St. Casimir (I’m not sure what exactly a “commemoration” is, versus a “memorial” or “optional” memorial). It’s on p. 1700 of Volume II. He was a Polish prince. If you do the Office of readings, there’s a special Second reading for St. Casimir. He has his own antiphons for the Benedictus and Magnificat, and, of course, his own collect. If you have a special devotion to him, come from Poland, want to pray especially for political leaders, etc., you can use the Common of Holy Men (p. 2134).

March 7 is Perpetua and Felicity (P. 1700). They have a second reading, Gospel antiphons and Collect. Common of Several Martyrs starts on p. 1977 (Office of Readings). Some parts have options for Virgin martyrs. Common of Virgins starts 2104 (Office of Readings).

So, on those days, you can either do the stuff or the saint or the regular Lent stuff. Also, as always, you have the option of using the Sunday Collects for Mass at any Hour (esp. the Office of readings).

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