More on the Vatican conference

EWTN has an article that emphasizes that the conference is about seeking compatibility between theology and evolution (isn’t that what Intelligent Design is all about?)

Fr. Tanzella-Nitti stated, “from the perspective of Christian
theology, biological evolution and creation are by no means mutually exclusive.
… None of the evolutionary mechanisms opposes the affirmation that God wanted
– in other words, created – man. Neither is this opposed by the casual nature of
the many events that happened during the slow development of life, as long as
the recourse to chance remains a simple scientific reading of phenomena.”
The professor of Fundamental Theology said that he hopes “that the natural
sciences may be used by theology as a positive informational resource, and not
just seen as a source of problems. … I do not believe biological evolution is
possible in a materialist world, without information, without direction, without
a plan. In a created world, the role of theology is precisely that of talking to
us about nature and the meaning it has, of the Logos which, as Benedict XVI
likes to say, is the uncreated foundation of all things and of history.”

Also, while this is frequently described as “Vatican conference,” it is actually sponsored by Pontificial University Gregorian and the University of Notre Dame (!)

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