I forgot Louis de Montfort!

I really like the banner at the top. I put a lot of work into it to get the pictures matched up just right. The text was a pain, but I worked hard to make everything line up as best as possible. The pictures all seem to “fit.”

Problem is, I just realized I forgot a patron. I have, of course, C. S. Lewis, Louis Martin and St. Louis of France.

But I forgot St. Louis de Montfort, known both for being one of the great exponents of Marian devotion in the history of the Church, but also a firebrand preacher with prophetic zeal.

We’ve all heard the expression, attributed (like many things) to St. Francis, “Preach the Gospel allways. If necessary, use words.” I recently mentioned the anecdote about how St. Louis pummeled a bunch of guys who were mocking his preaching, and they all showed up for Mass the next day.

That story may very well have inspired a _Mother Goose and Grimm_ I cut out many years ago. It shows a friar standing alone in a wrecked room.

“When it was all over, the bar was a mess. Tables and chairs were broken and turned over. Bodies were scattered around the room. But no one, ever again, called Saint Francis a Sissy.”

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