Liberal Catholics threaten to bomb Australian bishop

Now, we are repeatedly told that pro-lifers and religious conservatives are violent. We are always being compared to terrorists.

Yet, “peace-loving” liberals use threatening behavior all the time.

Consider this case: “Fr.” Peter Kennedy has been pastor of St. Mary’s Church in South Brisbaane, Australia, for 28 years. Here’s an assessment of this “Catholic” parish:

The Sydney Morning Herald described St, Mary’s as a “green-leftist New Age drop-in centre” that Fr. Kennedy is refusing to leave, despite repeated requests by the Archbishop.
“Footage of Mass – or whatever it was,” the Morning Herald description continued, “at St. Mary’s on ABC-TV this week showed a pony-tailed man – not a priest – in a bright shirt waving around a giant Communion host in a haphazard way, while people sat on the floor at his feet. It looked more like a yoga session, with meditation and lay people taking to the pulpit to give ‘sermons’ which have nothing to do with the Bible.”

Archbishop John Bathersby has dismissed Fr. Kennedy and ordered him to leave the premises. The priest is refusing to leave.
Some supporter of Fr. Kennedy has threatened to bomb the archbishop’s residence.

Here’s a thought: Archbishop Bathersby could do what Archbishop Burke did and just put the parish under interdict.

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