Divine Office for the Week

I promised this last week, and planned to do it on Saturdays, but here goes:

Today is the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. For Ordinary Time, divide by 4, and the remainder is the week of the Four Week Psalter. 7/4 = 1 remainder 3. So this week is based off of Week 3 in the Psalter.
It’s too late for today, but today would have involved Sunday, Week 3 and the antiphons and prayers for the 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time in the Proper of Seasons. Either of the collects for Sunday can be used in the Office for the reast of the week.

Only saint on the General Calendar this week is Polycarp, Feb. 23, so his collect can be used as the closing prayer for Monday, and you can use the Gospel Antiphon from his feast (if there is one) or from the relevant commons (below). If you have someone in the family named Polycarp, or attend St. Polycarp parish, or suffer from earache or dysentery, or you just like variety in your prayers, you can use any items out of the Common of Martyrs, or the Common of Pastors (particularly for bishops), since he was a Bishop and Martyr.

Tuesday would just be Tuesday of Week III, with or without the Sunday antiphons.

Wednesday, of course, is Ash Wednesday. If you use the full version, time to switch to Volume II: Lent/Easter.

Here’s where it may get a tad confusing. Since Lent starts, but it’s not yet the “first week of Lent,” Wednesday-Saturday of this week use the Week IV of the Psalter.
With Lent, it’s handier to start from the Proper of Seasons.

On Ash Wednesday, the Psalms and antiphons come from Wednesday, Week 4. For the hymn, of course, you can use a Lenten hymn or the normal one. The readings, responsory, Gospel antiphon, Intercessions and Collect come from Ash Wednesday.

Same applies to Thursday-Saturday after Ash Wednesday. Start with a Lenten hymn. Then the antiphons, Psalms and canticle from the Psalter. Then the readings, responsory, Gospel antiphon, intercessions and Collect from the Proper of Seasons.

On Saturday evening, it’s Evening Prayer I for the First Sunday of Lent, with the Psalms and Canticle coming from Week 1, Sunday Evening Prayer 1.

Hope this helps!


2 responses to “Divine Office for the Week

  1. THANK YOU!!!! This was exactly the info I needed….whenever we switch from Ordinary Time to a Litrugical Season I get very confused! God Bless,

  2. John C. Hathaway

    You’re welcome! 🙂
    Glad to help!
    Come back on Saturday.
    Also, Fr. Roderick usually updates PrayStation Portable a few days in advance, so you can go to his side or my RSS feed to get the Office MP3 in advance.

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