University of Georgia

Michelangelo’s painting of God giving life to Adam–and carrying with Him the promise of a wife and children–has a great deal of symbolism for pro-lifers.

Now, a poster on display at University of Georgia is abusing that image to promote condoms, showing God’s hand giving a condom to Adams’ hand.

4 responses to “University of Georgia

  1. J. Jonah Jameson

    Great work of art by Michaelangelo about a myth created by an ancient people who didn’t understand the true origin of life. Pro-lifers have no monopoly on Michaelangelo, so good for the Univ of Ga group for trying to do something good with the image!

    • The only thing certain about the missing link is that it’s missing.
      -GK Chesterton.

    • Encouraging fornication is something good?
      Encouraging the use of contraceptives is good?
      Of course, what should I expect from someone who admires J Jonah Jameson and Charles Darwin.
      You do realize that Darwin was nothing before Marx dedicated the Manifesto to him, don’t you?
      The only reason Darwinism “matters” so much is that Communism is based upon it.

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