It’s easy; declare an unborn baby a legal "person," and _Roe_ will be gone.

One of the loopholes offered by Roe v. Wade is that a state can define an unborn child as a person–something never done–and Roe could thereby be overturned. Such efforts are usually squashed by the NRLC (in the interest of self-preservation) and the USCCB (out of fear of bringing the abortion issue to a head and causing “social distress”).

Now, legislators in seven states are promoting amendments to their state constitutions that would grant personhood status to unborn children. Five states have bills in theirs legislatures to that effect: Maryland, North Dakota, Montana, South Carolina (yay!) and Alabama. Oregon and Mississippi are doing petition drives.

3 responses to “It’s easy; declare an unborn baby a legal "person," and _Roe_ will be gone.

  1. That’s all very well and good, but we have to remember what our goal is. Is it to end abortion, or to make sure everybody knows how ardently we disapprove of the practice?

    To overturn Roe, even with personhood in place in many states, is one hand clapping. We need the other hand — a culture that considers abortion as appalling as we consider slavery. And THAT is the other hand that we need. Until we have that, we have the ardent abortion supporters pulling Sherri Finkbine stunts to garner sympathy for women who are seeking to kill those you’ve just granted legal status to.

    Where’s the other hand clapping?

  2. John C. Hathaway

    True, and agreed.
    And the above strategy would go a great way towards changing people’s minds in that regard. For most people, if the government tells them so, it’s true. That’s what got us in this mess to begin with.

    But it shows how uncommitted both political parties really are to the cause of Life that they do* try such simple methods.

    That said, I’m not quite sure about the phrasing of your initial question:

    “Is it to end abortion, or to make sure everybody knows how ardently we disapprove of the practice?”
    It seems to me that the goal of most pro-lifers seems to be the latter, and even many pro-choicers at least claim to “disapprove of the practice”.
    For 35 years, pro-life politicians have used half-hearted piecemeal methods to say, “We disapprove of this.”

    Very few people seem to be committed to the cause of actually ending legalized abortion.

    The next question is ending “legalized” abortion versus “ending abortion.” We often hear the argument that abortion will still take place if it’s illegal. Yes, and vehicular homicide is illegal but still takes place. Rape is illegal and still takes place.

    There are really three goals of the pro-life movement:
    1) outlawing abortion, which is just as much about the morality of our society, and making sure our laws conform with Natural Law, as it is about ending abortion. When this goal is achieved, abortion will still happen, but it will be stigmatized, and at least society won’t be culpable for permitting it.
    2) Actually *ending* the practice of abortion. This includes outlawing abortion, providing assistance to women in crisis pregnancies, *and* changing the minds and hearts of people *both* in regard to the evil of abortion *and* in regard to welcoming children despite the circumstances in which they are conceived.
    3) Promoting the dignity of the human person, which both these goals tend towards.

  3. I agree we need a pro life culture, but as long as we have Hollywood reigning and folks around with a ‘me first’ attitude, it ain’t happnin’. I like what John says, if we declare the unborn to be ‘persons’, we open the door to using the existing laws against murder, and Roe can be overturned. The pro choice crowd has always used as an excuse the idea that we don’t really know when life begins. Well it begins at conception. The baby is just not a fully developed person at that point. For that matter it is not a fully developed person at birth, can’t talk, can’t feed itself….and certainly isn’t fully developed at 5, 10 or 18. I question whether some in Congress are even fully developed at 50.

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