Daily Archives: February 16, 2009

Obama backtracks on one of the only things he’s right about

namely, pay caps for CEOs

What Liberation?

In a fantasic column for The New Oxford Review about the failure of the Feminist Movement, one Zoe Deen gives the following assessment of “women’s liberation”:

We did not see that most men were as tied to their workbenches or desks as our mothers had been to their kitchen sinks, that we would not be liberating ourselves but exchanging one set of chains for another. We did not know that it was one thing for a man to go off to work each day leaving his wife at home to care for the children and keep the house, but that it would be quite another matter to come home after a day’s work to find those jobs undone.

Pope announces plans to visit Holy Land

Obama worship and anti-Catholic mockery rolled up into one fake "saint candle"

From Saint Max Worldwide: NaPro Technology Video

Article on the Lincoln Debate

Can they sequence his DNA from tissue samples at the Smithsonian?
Should they?
Is it worth it?
Is it possible?