Has the pro-life movement failed?

No. The Republican Party has failed the pro-life movement. The NRLC has failed the pro-life movement. But the *movement* could not be more successful. Yes, measures to totally outlaw abortion in some states have failed to pass legislatures and/or public votes, but those failures can be chalked up in every case to interference from the local bishops–afraid to put up a direct fight against _Roe v. Wade_–as well from the local branches of NRLC, which don’t want to lose their bread and butter.

It can hardly be seen as a failure of the pro-life movement that a) the overwhelming majority of Americans support the Mexico City Policy and b) a good portion of those who voted for President Obama did so because they were deceived into thinking he was pro-life. It all goes back to that African American lady in California: “I’m for Jesus, so I’m for Barack and Proposition 8.”

That is what many people who voted for Obama genuinely thought, and it would be nice if Obama acknowledged that constituency.


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