Obama picks _Playboy_ lawyer for Deputy Attorney General

President Barack Obama, showing just how far left his social agenda is, has picked David Ogden, an attorney who has represented Playboy, Penthouse and the ACLU in numerous cases, as Deputy Attorney General. A group called Fidelis has compiled a c.v. of his anti-family record.
He filed an amicus brief on Planned Parenthood’s side in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In this amicus, he said that informed consent is unnecessary when abortion is “necessary . . . for genetic reasons”.
In abortion related cases, he has represented the National Education Association and the National Organization for Women. He has represented the American Psychological Association and the American Library Association in homosexuality-related cases.
He argues that “original intent” should not be a consideration in judicial rulings and that “compassion” is more important than “impartiality.”

Is this someone we should be entrusting with the prosecution of federal criminals? Is this someone who should be in a place to potentially prosecute Christians?

Contact your senator to express your views on this nomination.

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