Free Online NFP Manual from the Kippleys

John and Sheila Kippley have published, with a Nihil Obstat, an online book called Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach. The Kippleys are the authors of the Couple to Couple League’s The Art of Natural Family Planning, and Sheila Kippley is author of Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing.

2 responses to “Free Online NFP Manual from the Kippleys

  1. Thank you for referring to our online free manual, “Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach.” There is, however, some confusion about “The Art of Natural Family Planning.” My husband and I authored the earlier editions of that title, the latest being the Fourth Edition. CCL has retained that title and used it for another book on NFP that is significantly different from the works we authored. We are no longer affiliated with CCL. Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing is no longer published by CCL. The up-to-date version of this book is The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor. Too many say that natural child spacing does not work. This book illustrates that it does. Thanks again, Sheila Kippley

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Thanks so much for your reply! I was a bit confused on that notion myself, as I thought I’d heard something about that “split.”
    I certainly don’t buy into the “natural child spacing doesn’t work” mentality, but I do feel that there needs to be an emphasis on diversity: God made us all different for a reason 🙂
    It seems like every NFP “group” is overly proprietary about its particular method/agenda, refusing to listen to the challenges that couples face or to consider alternative approaches to NFP.

    I like to get as much information from as many sources as possible–Creighton, CCL, Billings, secular sources, etc. As texts go, from the skimming I did while writing my brief review, your new book seems a bit more ‘open minded’, as it were, than many of the texts and teachers out there, about accounting for different circumstancse people encounter.

    Our lives, for numerous reasons, do not permit the kind of rigor required in temperature-taking, for example, so we prefer to do daily LH testing, and we have found that to be quite effective. But it’s amazing the hostility that some NFP experts will have at the mere suggestion of a different way to approach it.

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