Kid starts ‘no profanity’ club and gets death threats for it

First, the basics, as reported by Brent Bozell:

McKay Hatch is a 15-year-old boy from South Pasadena, Calif., who people clearly hate. He’s received over 60,000 negative e-mails, most of them vicious, some including death threats that have spawned police and FBI investigations. What has this boy done that’s caused such anger? Was he caught dealing drugs? Did he rage? Did he kill? No. He started a No Cussing Club.

The No Cussing Club has 20,000 members, but the Hatch family is getting barraged with hateful messages and threats. People call their house 24 hours a day, etc.

Bozell goes on to discuss Britney Spears’ latest single, “If You Seek Amy”–in which the refrain, phonetically, spells out the F-word.

It’s amazing, really. Conservatives talk about the Ten Commandments and whatever, but it’s amazing how many “conservatives,” how many “Christians,” and how many “Catholics” think that the first three Commandments are dismissable.

The hatred being spewn at the Hatch family is irrational–as is profanity itself. It is, truly, Satanic–as is profanity itself.

Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, has said it many times: when you use profanity, you pray to Satan.

There are really two categories of bad words. One category is technically “profanity” or “cursing”: words that directly violate the Second Commandment: using the Lord’s name, “Hell,” “Damn,” and other spiritual terms as expletives. When a person says, “God damn you,” it doesn’t matter if the person *means* it; that is a curse, a prayer to Satan. Fr. Gabriel Amorth reports that almost all cases of extraordinary demonic activity start with a curse such as this. He says he saw one entire family who were tormented by demons because the senile grandfather peppered his speech with these words.

The other category is “vulgarity,” which originally referred to biological functions that were considered unspeakable in polite company, such as references to excrement. In one sense, this, too, is mortally sinful, since it violates not the second commandment, but the fifth (and possibly the sixth): it demeans the dignity of the human person.

Then there are words which pertain to sexuality. Going back to Britney Spear’s wordplay, the use of sexual reference as profanity takes several forms. One of those forms is a curse, thus violating the second commandment: to say “$!#@ you!” or something to that effect is, again, to wish ill of the person, to curse that person, to pray that that person engages in, or is the victim of, some kind of sexual sin or even sexual assault.
Then, since they refer demeaningly to the human body, which is sacred, sexual profanity, like other scatalogical references, violates the fifth commandment.
And, quite obviously, it violates the sixth commandment, becuase it pertains to the proper or improper use of the sexual aspect of our nature.

Plus, profanity and vulgarity are completely unnecessary. They are not only mortally sinful, but they are also unmannerly and unsophisticated.

These people who are attacking the No Cussing Club are doing so precisely because their addiction to profanity (and, no doubt, to other sins) has put them solidly in the grip of the Devil. Their many prayers have been answered: they are possessed.

So, let’s clean up the language.

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