Kasper is one thing; Schoenborn is another

Walter Cardinal Kasper has long been one of the most liberal voices of the Vatican curia, so the idea that he’s criticizing Pope Benedict is no surprise–the idea that Pope Benedict has not yet replaced him *is* surprising.

It is more surprising, however, that Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn is *apparently* taking the Kasper side of this debate, claiming that the Vatican didn’t look closely enough at Bishop Richard Williamson’s record.

Someone goes to prison for, say, theft. Spends 10 years in prison. Does his time and gets out. Now, as it happened, that guy who was already guilty of theft was engaging in some other crime–maybe some kind of white collar crime. Maybe the authorities *know* about this, but they really aren’t able to get enough evidence to arrest him.

So, the guy gets out of prison. Are the authorities to be blamed for letting him out of prison for the crime he actually went to prison for? No. Would it be just, without trial, to *keep* him in prison for a crime that was not part of his original sentence? No.

The Society of St. Pius X bishops were excommunicated for illicit ordinations. They were not excommunicated for holocaust denial, anti-semitism or anything like that

Now, it’s very likely that Cardinal Schoenborn gave a more detailed explanation of the situation than what is presented in the press.

“I think this pope consults very little,” said Marco Politi, a biographer of Pope John Paul II. “In three years he has succeeded in creating strains with two of the world’s leading religions. It raises the question about the governance of the niversal church.”

Why? Because the Holy Father is doing his job?

It’s funny how “liberal” John Paul II has become since his death. I seem to recall some comments *he* made that the media went into firestorms, like when he pointed out that Buddhsm–which teaches that souls reincarnate over and over until they achieve nothingness–is not a “religion of salvation”.

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