Huffington post tries to grasp the Truth

It’s a basic principle: if you want to understand “the other side,” read them. Don’t read what someone else tries to interpret. For example, many Catholic converts admit that, for most of their life, everything they heard or read about Catholicism came from other sources. If they were Fundamentalists, they read all sorts of Fundamentalist books “about” Catholicism, rather than looking for themselves: and it was precisely when they looked for themselves that they found out those books were lying.

If you want to understand “what Communists think,” you go to Communist literature, not to anti-Communist literature.

So I find it hilarious to read columns by liberals that try to explain to other liberals “what pro-lifers really think,” even when they’re *trying* to be fair.

One such column appears in the Huffington Post: Steven Waldman of “BeliefNet” tries to explain the “paradox” of pro-lifers opposing contraception.

Why should there be a “paradox”? It is not a paradox if our beliefs conflict with *their* first principles.

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