His Arrogance, Cardinal Roger Mahony, is "mystified" that anyone would investigate him for fraud

The current investigation is based upon “a federal law against scheming ‘to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services.'”

It’s directly related to the covering up of sex abuse (and let’s not forget the homosexual orgies that go on the Archdiocese of LA), but it should really just be applied to his entire episcopacy.

I mean, if a person comes to a church that claims to be “Catholic” and comes seeking a “Catholic” Mass and “Catholic” sacraments, and then is treated to something else, shouldn’t that constitute fraud?

Is not transubstantiation the most important “intangible service” someone can provide, and yet Cdl. Mahony, at best, ignores transubstantiation in favor of talking about “communal meals.”

He claims to be “pro-life,” yet he endorses numerous pro-choice politicians.


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