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Slightly OT: Yo Joe!

Pop Culture is certainly a big part of the Culture Wars, which are one current expressino of spiritual warfare. I usually only address pop culture when it specifically deals with Catholicism, Natural Law, Right to Life, spiritual warfare or whatever. However, one of the reasons my spiritual emphasis is spiritual warfare is my masculine love for basic “good versus evil” fiction. To wit, I am very excited that the first teaser trailer for G I Joe: Rise of Cobra is online.

Comingsoon.net doesn’t have an option for embedding, but here’s the downloadable version.

Bible Resources

Biblia Clerus is a wonderful resource published by the Congregation for Clergy. It is available both as a reference website and as a downloadable software program for offline use. It contains the full texts of official translations of Sacred Scripture (including the New American Bible, Revised Standard Version and Vulgate. It includes the Lectionary, with links to the readings in the translation of your choice. It also has a vast database of sermons and commentaries from the Fathers, saints, popes, etc., with (again) hotlinks from each Biblical reading to the relevant commentary. It is also, of course, searchable. It is meant as a resource for priests and deacons writing homiliees, but it is also a fantastic resource for Scripture study and meditation.

This site has downloadable files of the Douay-Rheims translation. Some are ASCII text; some are DOC. And there’s a software version of Douay-Rheims with Vulgate.

Sites That Offer the Byzantine Daily Office

The Byzantine Liturgy of the Hours, or Horologion, like the 1962 Roman Breviary, is a bit complicated. Here are several websites that offer it in various formats:

Small Horologion in downloadable PDFs

Horologion Chasoslov (HTML)

Dynamic Online Horologion (similar to Universalis; Orthodox, not Catholic) In terms of a simple way to familiarize yourself, this is probably the best, as, like Universalis.com, it offers you the current hour in a complete form.

The On-line Reader Service has simple versions of several Hours, along with Typika, Paraklesis (listed as synonymous withMoleben), and Akathists.

1962 Missal Online, Latin and English

1962 Breviary Online

For those who want to do “extreme” Office, here is a great site with the 1962 Breviary. In the old version of the Roman breviary, there were 9 hours, with 3-8 psalms and canticles per hour, covering all 150 Psalms, plus 13 Old Testament canticles in a single week.

It’ll take some figuring out, but the cool thing about this site is that it has a hyperlinked system, so you start at the beginning and proceed. Like, if it’s Sunday, you click on Sunday to read the part for Sunday, then click back to the Ordinary and continue.

Here’s a site where you can download the PDF of the Breviarium Romanum for free.

Let’s hope they decide it disqualifies him

Senators on both sides of the aisle are questioning Tom Daschle’s tax history.

Euthanasia is beneath human dignity, says Pope Benedict XVI

Last term, I had a student who was writing a paper on medicinal marijuana. Her thesis was that the extreme suffering of terminally ill patients is a violation of their “dignity” and that medicinal marijuana is necessary to give them their dignity back.

Now, as for that particular issue, I really don’t see how marijuana is any worse than morphine or hydrocodone as a painkiller.

But I kept asking her to *define* what she meant by “dignity”. She never quite got what I was saying, but I was trying to explain that there are different views about what constitutes “dignity,” and if she was basing her paper on the argument that suffering is undignified, she needs to address those philosophical arguments first. After all, many cultures would insist that taking an “easy out” is an *undignified* approach, that the dignified way to handle suffering is to endure it bravely.