This is absurd!

50 “Catholic” US Congresspersons (the article does not identify which 50 they are, but I can guess most of them had a (D) after their names) have written to the Pope, demanding that he directly repudiate Bishop Williamson.

OK, Bishop Williamson is a “holocaust denier,” but we have lots of so-called Catholics in Congress today who deny today’s holocaust. They have absolutely no moral ground to stand on.

Hasn’t the Pope already repudiated Williamson? And isn’t Bishop Fellay’s “direct repudiation”, in some ways, more important than that of the Holy Father?

In either case, it would be nice if the Holy Father condemned Williamson and all the pro-abortionists in Congress.

Besides, would any of those “Catholics” have the courage to write such a humble apology as this one ? While not actually renouncing his views, Bishop Williamson has written a letter to Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, and the Holy Father, begging forgiveness for his “imprudent” remarks.

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