Benedict is on the Move: first SSPX, now Traditional Anglicans

The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has refused the request of the Traditional Anglican Communion to be recognized as a sui iuris local church, an “Anglican Rite,” as has often been discussed and anticipated.

However, it *has* offered to accept the TAC as the second personal prelature in the Church.

One of the main questions raised by traditionalist Anglicans who want to become Catholic is not just the permission of their married priests to stay priests, but the permission to continue ordaining married men.

This Austrialian article inaccurately says that Eastern Catholic Churches do not ordain married men: while they are traditionally not allowed to do so in “Western” countries, Rome has actually granted wider permission in that regard.

While the TAC has made requests, it has made no demands, and has openly agreed t0 accept Rome’s decision, whatever it is. The TAC also made an oath of fidelity to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

This is in the “rumor stage” now. But it makes sense. Year of St. Paul; Christian Unity Week and all that.

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