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Pro-Life leaders see genuine hope for Obama’s conversion

John Henry Weston at LifeSite News has a piece about how Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, Joe Scheidler and Nellie Gray (foundress of March for Life) have all expressed genuine hope that prayers for President Barack Obama’s conversion could be rewarded.

Part of me really wants to believe that, just like party of me really wanted to believe that George W. Bush meant what he said in his campaigns and his wonderful speeches.

However, many of the “positive” signs they point to are the same ones that could just as easily indicate that Obama is master-deceiver, disarming the opposition by his “niceness.”

Obama’s warm reception and engagement with Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren did
much to render that image. ‘If he can get along with pro-life and
pro-family Rick Warren’, the logic goes, ‘then he can’t be all that bad.’ Indeed
Obama is not a raving anti-Christian lunatic who wouldn’t give the likes of
Warren the time of day. Rather Obama is measured, friendly, even
“spiritual,” a hero for worldly wisdom, if you will.

Contrast to this article, which points specifically to the opposite: Obama’ strategy is to disarm the opposition with his niceness, to pain himself as the “good guy,” and those of us who oppose him as “mean-spirited” upstarts who cause “disunity”.

The following point from the LifeSite piece can lend to either conclusion:

Scheidler talked to a group of pro-life activists gathered for the March about Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope; and he concluded that the President is
“obsessed with abortion.” The book mentions abortion 26 times.

Kudos to Yahoo for making this a headline

In the wake of all this brouhaha over holocaust denying (or doubting?) priests, here’s an article on a Catholic priest who’s doing work to raise awareness of a lesser-known aspect of the holocaust: Jews who were just shot on the spot.

Benedict is on the Move: first SSPX, now Traditional Anglicans

The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has refused the request of the Traditional Anglican Communion to be recognized as a sui iuris local church, an “Anglican Rite,” as has often been discussed and anticipated.

However, it *has* offered to accept the TAC as the second personal prelature in the Church.

One of the main questions raised by traditionalist Anglicans who want to become Catholic is not just the permission of their married priests to stay priests, but the permission to continue ordaining married men.

This Austrialian article inaccurately says that Eastern Catholic Churches do not ordain married men: while they are traditionally not allowed to do so in “Western” countries, Rome has actually granted wider permission in that regard.

While the TAC has made requests, it has made no demands, and has openly agreed t0 accept Rome’s decision, whatever it is. The TAC also made an oath of fidelity to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

This is in the “rumor stage” now. But it makes sense. Year of St. Paul; Christian Unity Week and all that.

Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, is such a jerk

“In general, the Vatican loathes giving the appearance that it is bending to pressure,” said the Rev. Tom Reese, a Jesuit political scientist and author of “Inside the Vatican: The Politics and Organization of the Catholic Church.”

Why does this guy get the press he does? One day, it’s “laity rule”; next day it’s “the Vatican kowtows to influential conservatives”; next day it’s “The Vatican loathes giving the appearance that it is bending to pressure.”

Which one is it???

Anyway, I for one am glad Benedict’s taking his time and appointing good bishops (the article is about a petition a bunch of liberals have sent to the Vatican demanding the replacement of their wonderul, post-retirement age Archbishop Alfred Hughes.

This is absurd!

50 “Catholic” US Congresspersons (the article does not identify which 50 they are, but I can guess most of them had a (D) after their names) have written to the Pope, demanding that he directly repudiate Bishop Williamson.

OK, Bishop Williamson is a “holocaust denier,” but we have lots of so-called Catholics in Congress today who deny today’s holocaust. They have absolutely no moral ground to stand on.

Hasn’t the Pope already repudiated Williamson? And isn’t Bishop Fellay’s “direct repudiation”, in some ways, more important than that of the Holy Father?

In either case, it would be nice if the Holy Father condemned Williamson and all the pro-abortionists in Congress.

Besides, would any of those “Catholics” have the courage to write such a humble apology as this one ? While not actually renouncing his views, Bishop Williamson has written a letter to Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, and the Holy Father, begging forgiveness for his “imprudent” remarks.

Now that the seminary report is in, the Vatican is gonna start probing the formation programs of convents

Yay! Michael Steele is the new chairman of the GOP!

Deal Hudson wrote about him a few days ago. Steele is a pro-life, African American, Catholic Republican. He happened to be a part of Christine Todd Whitman’s Republican Leadership Committee, which advocates a “big tent” party, but he resigned from that group this past June, and he gave a strong pro-life message at the meeting Hudson organized with the USCCB in 2003.