Virginia House of Delegates takes on pro-life pharmacy

Divine Mercy Care (DMC) Pharmacies, the pro-life, anti-contraception pharmacy that opened last year, has been the target of a tabled bill in the Virginia House of Delegates.
The bill has been tabled and cannot be brought up again this year. But this is what it says:

“Any pharmacist who refuses to fill a prescription for contraception shall
ensure that the patient seeking such contraception is treated in a nonjudgmental
manner and is not subjected to indignity, humiliation, or breeches in
confidentiality. The pharmacist shall not confiscate a prescription for
contraception that he refuses to fill.”

“Indignity”? Contraception is an indignity.
As for nonjudgemental? Why not? As always, will they make a law saying that doctors are required to treat patients who practice NFP with a nonjudgemental and non-humiliating attitude?

This is so Orwellian.

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