The Washington Post: Anti-Christian

Interesting piece from Quin Hillyer in the American Spectator on two articles in a recent Washington Post.

The first was a glowing book review called “Saving C.S. Lewis.” Written by foreign desk editor Elizabeth Ward, also described in the byline as “a longtime reviewer of children’s books,” the review assessed a new literary endeavor by a woman named Laura Miller called The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia.

Basically, Miller’s book discusses how the Narnia books can be enjoyed by a skeptic in spite of their Christian themes. But, more importantly, Ward, the reviewer, glowingly approves of Miller’s anti-Christian view and gives no criticism of it, nor any defense of Lewis.

The second article, in the same issue, is a weird piece written by another Miller, M. Lynn Miller, called “My Mom, the Adulteress,” in which the writer brags about her mother’s serial adultery.


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