Government Funds Georgetown’s Rhythm Gimmick

Good news:

A three-year award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs to Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health will enable federally supported programs in California and Massachusetts to offer the Standard Days Method®, a highly effective, easy-to-use natural family planning method developed by Institute researchers.
In addition to making scientifically based natural family planning methods developed by the Georgetown researchers available to Title X clients, the $600,000 award will enable the researchers to test strategies to overcome barriers that limit the availability and use of natural family planning methods by individuals who get their heath care through this government-funded program.

Proves that the main objections to NFP from the Establishment are its lack of profitability. They want “cheap and affordable” birth control, but they won’t actually promote NFP unless there’s something they can sell.

Which raises the issue of why they won’t allow ClearPlan’s NFP test into the US.

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