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"Obama is more famous than Jesus"

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says that Obama’s bipartisanship is a lie

Yeah, he uses a nice friendly “tone,” but when it comes to actual dialogue, Obama and the Congressional leadership “have locked the door to negotiations.”

First Burke’s successor, then Fr. Euteneuer, then Burke himself, and now Bishop Vasa!

“The human embryo is a human person.”

It’s nice to see that our bishops and priests are finding their voice in this new era.

It’s quite a change from 16 years ago–or, at least, there has been quite a change in that the Internet allows us to know about this stuff.

When Clinton became president, we heard about how wonderful he was because of his positions on “social justice” issues and health care, how great it was that the president had attended a Catholic university. And, hey, Clinton gave Georgetown the dubious credit of inspiring his pro-choice position: after all, at Georgetown he learned about “conscience” and about how, allegedly, it was uncertain when a baby got a soul.

New ALL Ad: Homeschooling Barack Obama

Click here to view (it’s a large graphic)

Kansas, Texas and South Dakota present abortion *regulation* bills

We’re talking about regulation here: informed consent, ultrasounds, ability to meet the abortionist before the procedure–that kind of stuff.

But the pro-abortion lobby, which claims to be “pro-choice,” which claims to seek common ground, which claims to want to prevent abortion, fights tooth and nail to prevent such legislation from passing.

Malta is such a cool country

“Whoever does not accept Christ’s teachings should be honest with themselves and excommunicate themselves from the Church,” said Bishop Mario Grech of the diocese of Gozo at a recent meeting of parish priests in this small island off the Maltese coast.

On a side note, isn’t Malta a “small island” to begin with?

Archbishop Burke blames USCCB’s "Forming Consciences" document for Obama’s victory

Archbishop Raymond Burke, prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, says that _Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship_ has caused a great deal of confusion about Catholic social teaching and contributed to Catholics voting for Obama.