Conference speakers: Pro-Life Bloggers a necessary part of reorganization

The pro-life movement will now depend more than ever on the entrepreneurship of average pro-lifers who harness the power of the Internet, said pro-life experts and bloggers at the Bloggers for Life Conference last Thursday. Speakers at the conference included Sen. Sam Brownback and conservative MEP Nirj Deva, head of the pro-life caucus in the European parliament.
. . .

Blogger Shaun Kenney said that, at a time when the mainstream media refuses to cover pro-life news, blogging “enables the community to start being the leaders themselves.” “The change isn’t going to come from some new organization in Washington,” said Kenney; rather, change is going to come from “those who are able to reach out … through alternative means – namely, new media. It’s free, and it’s effective.” Kenney said pro-life activism should be guided by the principle of “centralized command, decentralized execution.” “We’ve marched from a very narrow drumbeat, and that needs to change,” he said.

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