Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

African American Pastor asks Obama not to preside over "Genocide" of his own race

Pastor Luke Robinson offered the following striking statistic:

“We make up about 12% of the population and about 34% of all abortions are black babies. In the last 36 years over 17 million African American babies have died by abortion alone. We need to change this picture. We need to stop this slaughter of the innocent preborn.”

I recently read the observation somewhere that, prior to the birth control pill, unwed motherhood was almost unheard of in the African American community.

So Obama distances himself from his white relatives

but his mother-in-law is now getting press as “first grandma.”

I’ll give them this: at least they leave their kids with grandma and not in daycare..

The Pope *has* addressed abortion with Obama already

According to a White House staffmember, the Pope brought up abortion in his phone conversation with Obama. Obama cut him off and said, “We agree to disagree.” (One of the most stupid expressions ever).

"Karl Rove is the real president"; "Dick Cheney is the real president"

Now, this is good. After 8 years of hearing how stupid and inarticulate Bush was, and hearing how Dick Cheney and/or Karl Rove (and/or Halliburton) was running the country, President Barack “um, eh” Obama is asking advice from his legal counsel in the middle of signing executive orders!

Hey, liberals and MSM: If you don’t want people turning to Rush Limbaugh for news, maybe you should actually report what’s going on.

Missing Holy Hour

I feel like I’m breaking the 2nd Commandment. I was getting ready to go to my weekly Holy Hour, certainly one of the highlights of my week (somewhere around Tuesday I start thinking “Is it Thursday evening yet?”), and especially to cap off this day of Prayer and Penance (and for me, blogging in lieu of Marching).

Well, I couldn’t find the keys to the mini-van. So I got the key to my Chevy Express, and it just wouldn’t start–period. Not even “gun.” Hopefully, the battery’s just dead, and I’ll jump it in the morning. But I didn’t make it to adoration, and I feel guilty.

Church sued for not referring charity "customers" to abortionists