Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

"Peron! Peron! Peron!"

“As a mere observer of this tasteless phenomenon,
One has to admire the stage management!”
Guards approach

“There, again, perhaps I’m more than a mere observer!”
Guards get closer

“Listen to my enthusiasm, Gentlemen:
Peron! Peron! “
Guards seize him.
“Look, if I take off my shirt, will you –“

The Sarah 2012 Campaign Begins

Hillary Clinton may have demurred about it, but she started her campaign for president 8 years ago.

Barack Obama started campaigning 4 years ago.

For 8 years, the Democrats have been campaigning against Bush.

Now it’s time to Draft Sarah for 2012.

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I favor Reproductive Health

I am so sick of abortion and contraception being referred to as “reproductive health.”
Since when does it constitute “health” to prevent an organ from doing its natural functoin?

Bulimia is not considered “digestive health.” People have qualms–and serious side effects–about gastric bypass surgery because it impedes the natural digestive track.

If I intentionally took something to incite an asthma attack, I wouldn’t call it “respiratory health.”

Yet a woman taking a drug to shut down her natural reproductive system is considered “reproductive health.” A woman allowing a “doctor” to invade her uterus and kill her unborn baby, interrupting the natural function of her uterus, is considered “reproductive health.”

It makes no sense.

Natural Family Planning is about reproductive health. Contraception and abortion are about reproductive self-destruction.

Given Bob Casey, Jr.’s record

He’ll probably “handle” FOCA by “going on record” as being against it, then voting for it. Or just abstaining.

"Socialism is compatible with Christianity."

Does Liberation Theology bear *any* good fruit?

The Latest Strike from the B16 Bomber: "Responsible Parenting" claptrap

A big controversy in the post-conciliar church is how we interpret a few brief passages in _Gaudium et Spes_ and in the writings of Karol Woytyla/Pope John Paul II regarding “responsible parenting.”

Many are taking these passages, against the rest of the body of Catholic teaching, to say that it is wrong for Catholics to have big families.

In contrast to those opinions, Pope Benedict has just released a statement encouraging large families and reminding the state that it has an obligation to protect and uphold the nuclear family, including a) protecting its unique dignity, b) providing financial assistance to families and c) providing school choice.