Farewell to Dubya

I’m sorry. But I can’t get around the absolute adoration people still have for this man. It sickens me.

There have been moments in the past 8 years where I’ve swelled with enthusiasm for his rhetoric–and prayed that for once he’d keep his promises. Four and a half years ago, he spoke at the RNC convention and gave a laundry list of promises for his second term. He talked about encouraging flex time, so workers with families could arrange their schedules around their families’ needs. He talked about encouraging companies to offer health insurance, etc. He talked a fair tax. He talked about all sorts of stuff. None of it happened.

He has spent the last 4 years trying to justify torture and other war crimes. Has everyone forgotten Harriet Myers? It’s perfectly clear that his primary motivation for every judicial and Justice Department appointment has been to justify his own war crimes.

When Alito and Roberts were going through the nomination process, each one said he had no intention of overturning _Roe v. Wade_. Bush said repeatedly he had no intention of overturning _Roe_. When the justices were nominated, Bush’s spokesperson reminded everyone that the president never promised to overturn _Roe_ and that he appointed justices who shared his views.

Then the only case they’ve heard since being appointed is _Gonzalez v. Carhart_, which reaffirms _Roe_ and provides a roadmap of how doctors can bypass the federal partial birth abortion ban.

They praise Bush for “banning embryonic stem cell research,” but conveniently ignore how he was the first president to *fund* embryonic stem cell research with the convenient excuse that the embryos in question are already dead.

I realize he aint’ nearly as bad as Gore or Kerry would have been. But there are many things Bush did *not* do that he *could* have done. They talk about the Mexico City Policy. Clinton signed *three* abortion-related executive orders which overturned *three* previous executive orders by Reagan. Bush only overturned *one* of them.

Bush had control of both houses of congress for enough time to actually make some changes . Many pro-lifers have presented many strategies that could have worked: exercising Congress’s authority to set the jurisdiction of federal courts, for example. One simple act of Congress could have overturned _Roe_ and given the question back to the states.

Mike Huckabee argues that there is a *lot* a chief executive can do to attack abortion from every direction, including the kinds of “preventive” policies the liberals like to tout.

Bush has squandered his opportunity and the goodwill of pro-lifers for 8 years.

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