Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Having an Advent Hedge

Back at our old townhouse in Fredericksburg, VA, there wasn’t much room for decorating. However, I realized during our first year there that we had exactly four bushes in our front hedge.
I remembered seeing pink Christmas lights at various Christmsa stores I’ve visited over the years and even at some of the department stores.

I wondered what purpose there would be in pink Christmas lights till I saw those four bushes:

An Advent Hedge!!

Instead of just putting generic colored lights on one’s front hedge, why not decorate in purple and pink, gradually adding lights through the weeks of Advent??

But, as Adrian Monk would say, “Here’s the thing . . .”
Suddenly, those formerly ubiquitous pink lights that were seemingly tacky *had* a purpose, and, of course, they were nowhere to be found, not even at Christmas stores. I asked, and they said they used to carry them, but not anymore. I found them online, but they were expensive, and the shpiping was more expensive than the lights.

For years, I searched and searched. I would substitute red lights ,or red and white lights, for pink. My mother-in-law found a set of pink bulbs at a craft store that was closing, but they weren’t enough for a a string, nad they weren’t compatible with any I had.
Then, this year, ironically, at Halloween time, I found them.

We went to the pumpkin patch at Harmon’s Christmas Tree Farm in Lexington, SC. They have a Christmas store on site, and the store carried *pink lights*!! Plus, they were having a 30% off sale, so I stocked up.