A few years ago, I heard this tune on Glenn Beck’s radio show. I tried searching for it, but someone else has a similar parody called “HanuRamaKwanzMas,” which is not quite so biting in its satire.

Have a RamaHanuKwanzmas, it’s the PC Time of Year!

Every holiday displayed –because of morbid fear.

Happy RamaHanuKwanzmas, yeah we know the name is queer.

Oh, good golly, can’t offend nobody on [BEEP]mas this year!

Oh, no! The eskimos need a holiday! We’ll get right back to you

When we think up one for gays!

Happy RamaHanukwanzmas, what a time for winter cheer!

But if you see a Christmas Tree, you’ll hear Christmas jeer!

Screw you, ACLU, for winning the $12 billion in your lawsuit

Versus Santa and his elves!

Have a RamaHanuKwanzmas, and everyone must now adhere.

So, by golly, don’t hang up that holly on [BEEP]mas this year!”

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