Daily Archives: September 23, 2008

Main Stream Media Admits that Adult Stem Cell Therapy Works!

In the Veggietales episode Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler, there’s a short called “The Asparagus of La Mancha,” where Archibald is a restaurant order named Don who goes to war against a windmill-themed chain restaraunt across the street.

In one segment, Don changes his restaurant to a Starbucks-style cafe with the motto: “Joppa Java: Why pay a little bit for coffee when you can pay a lot?”

It is well established outside the US that adult stem cell therapy works, and that it is fairly simple and inexpensive (sample the patient’s own stem cells, sometimes from saliva, sometimes from bone marrow; adapt them as necessary; culture them; inject them back into the relevant body part of the original patient and watch the damage heal).

For years now, the pro-life community has been reporting advances in adult stem cell therapy, while the MSM remains silent, and advocates of embryonic stem cell research claim that pro-lifers have made up their facts on ASCR.

Well, here’s an ABC news story about a Texas police officer who was healed from paralysis by stem cell treatment he received in China. Not only that, but it’s a Yahoo! Headline!

I’m sure the Left will find some way to steer this as a story in favor of embryonic stem cell research. If they were honest, they would adopt as their motto a paraphrase of Mr. Lunt’s “Poncho”:

“Embryonic Stem Cell Research: why pay a little for treatment when you can pay a lot?”

(Heck, that should already be the motto of the AMA and FDA).