800 Radicals Arrested at RNC

At the DNC, only 13 pro-lifers were arrested, in an event arranged by Randall Terry, who intentionally planned to be arrested–and, according to this account, it sounds like they were very peaceable about the whole thing.

When the protesters first gathered at the gate, people with convention
passes were able squeeze behind them to get through. When protesters sat
down in the street, Terry asked an aide for the “red phone,” a cell phone he
used to call police. He could be heard saying “Lieutenant, we’re here at the
Then some of the protesters moved closer to the gate, blocking it. Secret Service officers shut it and directed convention-goers to another gate. Protesters sang a Catholic hymn, “Salve Regina.” They said one Hail Mary for the police officers before a lieutenant approached them. Reading from a card, he cited the city ordinance they were violating and warned them they would have to leave or be arrested.
After he read the warning for a second time, things went slightly off script. Some bystanders began to call on police to arrest the protesters immediately. One man shouted that protesters were terrorists. A protester shouted back, “What do you call
abortion?” An officer told the crowd the protesters would be gone in a few minutes.

The lieutenant read the third warning, and Terry reminded anyone who wanted to leave to do so. As officers lined up to remove the protesters, they began to chant: “Deny Biden communion.”

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Obama’s vice presidential choice, is Catholic.

Uhh, no he’s not.

Meanwhile, a bunch of “anarchists” and “peace activists” were arrested at the DNC.

This is quite different from these folks:

Younger people did cartwheels. Tourists came by to check out the spectacle. The chants, which were political at the outset, turned silly a couple hours in.
“You’re sexy, you’re cute, take off the riot suit,” protesters serenaded those blocking their path.

On a tangential note, I was surprised to learn that Randall Terry converted to Catholicism in 2005. Prior to that, he divorced his first wife in 2000, married a woman with whom he’d already been committing adultery. One of his kids is now a Muslim, and another is gay.


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