Daily Archives: September 1, 2008

Thank you, Liberal Blogosphere

It’s funny. We keep hearing from the Left about alleged lies spread by conservatives regarding Democratic candidates. For example, supposedly 2004’s “Swift Boat Vets” have been “discredited” in their complaints against John Kerry but the only arguments against them I’ve seen have been ad hominems , while the evidence the Swift Boat Vets presented was pretty clear: including recordings of different speeches where Kerry gave contradictory statements on his Vietnam record.

Then there’s the attempt to say the “Obamessiah” idea is entirely made up by the Right.

But the Left concocts cockamamie conspiracy theories all the time on little or no evidence (e.g., Pius XII was a Nazi; T. S. Eliot was gay; Mother Teresa was a megalomaniac). The latest, which sprouted up this weekend, was that Gov. Palin faked her last pregnancy, and that her eldest daughter was the one who was really pregnant.

Well, it turns out that rumor was partly true. 17 year old Bristol Palin is, indeed, five months pregnant, and engaged to marry the baby’s father.

So, in an attempt to dig up a scandal, the liberals have, in fact, increased Gov. Palin’s pro-life street cred: we now have *2* incidents in her immediate family where the Demonocrats would take for granted that one should have an abortion.

In fact, we now have a direct antithesis to Obama’s infamous comments that he would not want his daughters “punished” for their “mistakes”.