Daily Archives: August 24, 2008

A somewhat favorable article about young Catholics and NFP

But it ends with the mandatory pro-contraception comment.

Every woman should know her own fertility

Attacks on pro-life pharmacies

As I’ve said before: can advocates of affordable food start attacking “organic” stores for not carrying the food we want to buy?

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt’s blog cited Mary Jane
Gallagher, president of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Association, saying, “it’s really not acceptable to the people I represent that
this administration is considering allowing doctors and nurses and pharmacists
that have received their education to provide services to now be able to not
provide those services if they don’t want to.”

So, in other words, people should be forced to provide whatever business “services” their customers demand??? I don’t get it.

Not every orthopedic surgeon does back work, or knee work, or rib work: they have specialties within specialties. Not every gastroenterologist treats colon problems, or ulcers, or whatever. Why should every OB/Gyn be forced to do abortions and contraception?

I can understand the argument that pharmacists working for other companies should have to choose, but that’s an internal matter to the company, and it’s a matter of white martyrdom.

But why should a company be forced to adopt a pro-contraceptive mentality?