Daily Archives: August 23, 2008

Is there a way to do a text "smiley" for "thumbs up"?

I was replying to a student’s e-mail just now, and I wondered if there was a text-based way to do a “thumbs up”. I know that you’ll see smiley graphics for “thumbs up” on some of those drop-down things on message boards and stuff, but I was wondering if there was a text-only method.

Joseph Biden is "Catholic"?????

I guess I’ve heard that before, but for some reason I’m always forgetting he’s one of the “Deadly Dozen.” Anyway, I predicted Obama would pick a pro-abortion “Catholic“. Now, let’s see McCain pick a pro-life Catholic.

Obama picks Biden

So, he picks an old guy with experience in foreign policy, balancing McCain’s strong points. But Biden has also been around long enough to have a lot of baggage with conservatives, so hopefully that will help.

I’d really been hoping he’d pick Hillary after all, though.