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Brits want to ban "graphic" pro-life websites

Here’s the argument in a syllogism–
Premise 1: Women supposedly don’t feel guilty about abortions, and it’s pro-lifers who make them feel guilty.
Premise 2: Pro-life websites with graphic images of aborted babies and unborn babies make women feel guilty and damage their mental health.
Conclusion: Such websites should be banned.

Example they give: a woman has an abortion. *Then* she goes to a pro-life website, saying she hoped to ease her mind by seeing pictures of a “blob of cells”, and that seeing that the baby was so “human looking” disturbed her. In other words, she felt guilty to begin with.

More English 101 Lessons

Does Michael Phelps Have Marfan syndrome?

I’ve been seeing the headlines on Marfan List, but I haven’t read any of the posts. Then I saw this article on my news ticker. Interesting thing is: Phelps, an Olympic swimmer who has arachnodactyly and hypermobility, says he has Marfan syndrome, and that he’s being treated at Hopkins. However, he allegedly has no problems with his aorta.

Long limbs and hypermobility are not enough for a diagnosis of Marfan. You have to have at least two major organ systems involved (usually the eyes and heart/aorta), Either he’s lying about his heart, or he’s not a Marf.

A Girl and Her Dog

Here’s a nice (but short) article on a 7-year-old girl named Rebecca who has Marfan syndrome, as well as Autism and something called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, and her service dog, Fayth.

Builders and Landlords discriminate against the disabled

No kidding!
Whatever will they think of next?

If you’ve ever tried to get *anywhere* in a wheelchair, you’ll know that the ADA has done next to nothing. Or, if it has, I’d hate to see what it was like 20 years ago.

San Diego doctors make progress with stem cells from menstrual blood

Here’s a question, though: if they can treat mice with human stem cells, why can’t they treat humans with animal stem cells?
Oh, yeah, right; because PETA won’t let them, because it’s unethical to do research on a mindless animal.

Since when does "Reform" mean "Killing babies"?

It used to be that “reform” movements were aimed at stopping practices where people compromised ethics to get selfish gains. Now, the term “reform” is being used in regard to *allowing* embryonic stem cell research, where people compromise ethics to get selfish gains.