Would somebody please have Fr. Tom Reese, SJ, committed?

“The Bishops’ conference was another voice that was practically always in
conformity with the Vatican—but it was another voice,” says Father Tom Reese, of
the Woodstock Theological Seminary. “If the bishops can’t speak out, then who
are you going to talk to, someone in a red hat?”

I mean, that doesn’t even make sense!
First, “practically always”? That’s interesting! Progressive Catholics (TM) always speak of the USCCB as the definitive source of “Catholic teaching.”
But that second part is nonsensical? “If the bishops can’t speak out”? Huh? Speak out for or against what? First, the article is about the USCCB trimming its lay staff, so I don’t understand the relevance. Secondly, “someone in a red hat?” Huh? Like cardinals aren’t bishops?
I don’t even know what he means here.


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