A mainstream news story that actually admits the problem in the priesthood is homosexuality?

1. So, some undercover film person tricked a gay priest at the Vatican into make advances on tape , and the Vatican has suspended the priest.
2. The Vatican has said in numerous documents since at least the 1960s that homosexual men should not be ordained to the priesthood (and the document a couple years ago included anyone who supports the gay rights movement, period).
3. Somehow, Newsweek construes this story as bad news for the Vatican.
4. Meanwhile, the priest tries to claim it’s a ploy by Satanists who are trying to seduce priests into homosexual acts to discredit them. I’m sorry, Father, but I think *you’re* the one in the Satanic conspiracy to discredit the priesthood. After all, how could anyone be homosexually seduced without being homosexually inclined?


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