Monthly Archives: June 2008

Peron’s Legacy Lives on: Argentina forces "sex education" on all schools, including private

The supposedly “Catholic” nation of Argentina is imposing “sex education” including “tolerance” and “diversity,” on *all* Argentinian schools, including private schools, at all grade levels.

Remember that Juan Peron was excommunicated for legalizing divorce in Argentina.

Meanwhile, the “Organization of American States” (never even heard of it till now) has passed a “homosexual rights” resolution, introduced by the supposedly “Catholic” country of Brazil.

So, Liberation Theology is not heretical?
The Charismatic Movement is perfectly orthodox, proven by its prevalance in South America?

Australian researchers find hope for Parkinson’s in adult stem cells from patients’ noses

Actually, they use the stem cells to stimulate dopamine in the brain. That should have implications for a lot of things, including chronic pain.

What’s the point of letters to the editor if you’re gonna arrest people for ’em?

More voices on what constitutes "Proportionate Reasons"

Apparently, the same-sex marriage movement is finally giving bishops backbones!

AMA wants to take away Pharmacists’ Right of Conscience

Does that mean they’ll also take away Physicians’ rights of conscience not to practice abortion or contraception?

And, if practitioners can’t make decisions based upon moral or religious viewpoints, where does that take us? Can they take away the right of conscience of doctors who refuse to help patients with Natural Family Planning?

A new "Silent No More" Campaign: the Real Lesbians want their name back

Citizens of the Island of Lesbos are suing homosexuals for misappropriating their name and defaming them.