Usual Straw Man from some brainwashed Ontario Teenager

College student Aisha Parkhill-Goyette offers a tirade of the usual ad hominems and straw men one hears from Feminazis:

1. “Abstinence has been proven ineffective”?
When? Where? Show me a public school that teaches abstinence only? Public schools teach promiscuity and condoms. That is what’s been proven ineffective.

2. “You don’t care about children after they’re born.”
Give me a break! LIberals are the ones who don’t care. Liberals just want to pass their responsibility to their neighbor off to “the government.” Most authentic pro-lifers i know will go out of their way to help those in need. All the genuine help I’ve ever received in my life has come from pro-lifers. Liberals just look on me as disgust.

3. “Legalizing abortion was a huge victory in the fight for human rights”
Huh?? Obviously, we disagree.

4. “If abortions are wrong and abortions are murder, I’d like the pro-lifers please explain to this: what is it called when the Church says not to use a condom, abortions are against God and mothers have another child when her first four are already living below the poverty line? What is it called when those children die of starvation? “
a. They’re dying of starvation because it’s US policy not to give food to countries that won’t accept “population control.”
b. That’s why the Church teaches about “living wage” and the dignity of work.
c. Natural Family Planning (I’m sure they didn’t teach you that in your Canadian public schools)
d. Where is the father in your assessment?

I’d also like to point out that “If abortions are wrong and abortions are murder” is a run-on sentence. It goes to show the educational quality of this “University of Guelph” that they don’t teach their students who to build proper arguments.

Also, I don’t see what public education has to do with anything, since public education is designed to keep people in poverty and mediocrity.


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