Having one’s "hands full"

A popular comment when one has more than 2.5 is, “I see you’ve got your hands full.” Usually, when people say it, I literally *do* have my hands full, so my favorite reply is, “Yeah! I don’t know what I’d do without these kids to help me carry it!”

Today, I was at Wal-Mart with Clara, and, when I asked the elderly greeter for an electric cart, he said, “You can’t have a baby in that thing!” I said, “I’ve had lots of practice!” “You can’t put her in the basket!” “No, on my lap!” When I returned with my purchases in the basket and Clara on my lap, he asked, “Now how you gonna get all that to your car?” He got me a regular cart, put my packages in, and I put Clara in the seat. He said, “You shoulda been born a girl.” “Why?” I asked? “The way you can handle all that with a baby on your hip.”

Anyway, it made me think of the old Russian story about the guy with ten kids who goes to his Rabbi and says, “Rabbi, I have too many children. My house is too crowded, and we’re driving each other nuts.” The Rabbi says, “Bring the cat inside and come back in a week.”

So the guy comes back in a week and says, “I brought he cat in, and it’s only made things worse. Now there’s even less room!”So the Rabbi says, “Bring the dog inside, and come back in a week.”

So the guy brings in the dog, and, a week later, comes back to complain, “That hasn’t helped at all.” “Well, try bringing the chickens in.”

So the guy brings in the chickens. Then, a week later, it’s the cow. Then the horse.
Finally, the guy goes back to the Rabbi and says, “Rabbi, your advice is absurd! We can’t even *move* in our house, it’s so crowded!!”

Rabbi says, “Put the animals back in the barn, and see me in a week.”
A week later the guy says, “You’re right, rabbi! Our house is huge now!”

When you have one kid, you think it’s impossible. I remember thinkng two was easier than one. Definitely, three was easier than two or one, because Allie was old enough to help out a bit.

Four is darn near impossible, but, when the four drop down to one, two or three, it’s like, ‘Hey! This is a breeze!”

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