Liberation Theologian elected president of UN General Assembly

Fr. Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, a Maryknoll priest, served in the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, and has now been elected president of the UN General Assembly.

The fact that he’s a member of Maryknoll should be bad enough. I mean, we’re talking about a “missionary” order that cares nothing about the souls of the people it missions to, saying that, if they go in and try to convert people, then the governments will kill them, which is wrong, so they don’t want to encourage the governments to commit murder. Plus, they say that all religions can get people to heaven.

Here are some articles on Maryknoll’s “fine” work:

“Is God a Cloud? Does She Have Breasts?”
“Why Don’t Catholics Evangelize?”

Anyway, my question is, why wasn’t he disciplined under Can. 285 §3.? Or, if he was, why doesn’t the article mention it?

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