Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

According to this article, a majority of Filipinos support artificial contraception

So much for what a wonderful Catholic country it supposedly is. Of course, the Charismatic Movement is very powerful in the Philippines, and, in my experience, Charismatics tend to be pro-contraception.

Article on how oligarchies, not large numbers of poor people, are the cause of economic woes in the Philippines

In fact, says the author, since the Philippines has an industrial economy, its economy would be a lot worse if its population were lower.

Here’s hope for an aspiring Catholic artist like me

More and more, I want to return to my ancestral homeland

Growing up, I wanted to return to one of my ancestral homelands, Ireland, but long ago decided against it.

Nowadays, given my attraction to the East, I’ve been thinking about Slovakia (my most “solid” ancestry). Anyway, here’s some good news about the influence of the Church on “population control” policies in the Slovakian government.

War is big business for Planned Parenthood

For a Pope who’s so adamantly against the War, Benedict sure does get along with Bush!

Lets see, he comes here and praises those who are abroad fighting for freedom–implying that the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wars for freedom. He pretty clearly condemns several problems in America, and in the Catholic Church in America (such as politicians not holding to their values in the public square) but never once says anything critical about the war.

He meets, on very friendly terms, with President Bush several times.

Meanwhile, he’s avoiding meeting with the President of Iran.

Website about Iconography from a biritual Dominican

I just watched Sacred Craft, a talk by Fr. Brendan McAnerney, OP, a Dominican priest with bi-ritual faculties (Roman and Melkite), on EWTN. His aptly named ministry is Domin-ICON. His website gives some of the basics of iconography: its spirituality and methodology, as does the video (which is available on DVD from his website or the EWTN Religious Catalogue).